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VS-22 fully automatic inspection machine for ID-1 cards

  • Identifying and measuring specialized security elements requiring very high precision
  • Dedicated system for inspecting the entire blank is installed additionally
  • High-precision and high resolution inspection cameras
  • Graphical user interface with detailed presentation of all activities and cards within inspection process
  • Laser numbering station – optional
  • Performance depends on machine configuration: 1440 cards/hour or 2880 cards/hour
VS-22 high-precision inspection machine for ID-1 cards

Input stack holders

  • 3 input stack holders for 500 cards each (expandable)

Card cleaning system

  • Cleaning station to avoid dust on card surface on front side (both sides as option)

Visual inspection

  • Card inspection and measurement front (and back) side with visible light and UV or IR (UV and IR as option)
  • Card reversing unit
  • Readout of document serial number
  • Vision system developed in-house for maximum flexibility
  • Very high precision and resolution inspection cameras
  • Parallel vision stations mechanical XY adjustment via software
VS-22 camera station handling

Laser numbering station – optional

  • Stable and robust laser source
  • Superb contrast and grayscale depth
  • Resolution up to 1200 DPI
  • Microtext, tactile engraving and other security features

Graphical user interface

  • Graphical user interface with detailed presentation of all processes and documents within inspection process
  • Statistics and individual reports for all documents
VS-22 graphical user interface

Output stack holders

  • 5 output stack holders for 500 cards each (expandable)
  • Various strategies for sorting cards
  • 1 reject box at the end of the belt


  • Two high-precision cameras: 1440 cards/hour
  • Four high-precision cameras: 2880 cards/hour
VS-24 machine expanded with two additional two high-precision cameras for increased performance